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An unexpected and unsolicited letter


Our family recently received a completely unexpected letter from S, who as a child had lived along the road from us. She has given me permission to quote from it as it is such a wonderful example of unsolicited appreciation.

S wrote: Im so relieved I got to see you before you moved. I was so shocked when mum told me you were moving as I realise just how much your home and family has always meant to me. Even your front door seemed so very precious as I stood there for the last time as I had stood so many times as a child and teenager always anticipating a warm welcome and a happy time ... But what makes the memories so wonderful that they are painful to think of is that I just felt so safe and loved by your family...

This letter, coming as it did out of the blue at a very stressful time for our family, had a heartwarming effect upon us all. We had no idea that coming to our house as a child had meant much to S, but are so grateful that she took the trouble to write and tell us. Her letter is invaluable to us.

With very best wishes,



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